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Katie Barber's Biography

Music has always played a big role in Katie's life and she has been collecting records as long as she can remember. One of her earliest influences was her mother who herself was a DJ during the 60s.

While at University in 1991, Katie was over heard playing a bedroom session by a couple of friends who were also promoters. They liked what they heard and her first booking soon followed. Before long, Katie was playing regularly at clubs and bars around the campus.

After leaving college in 1994, Katie started a busy career in media. She continued with her music and loved DJing at friends parties and local bars.

Katie moved to London in 1999 and her DJing took on more emphasis: between 1999 and 2000 she played bi-weekly at the Gold Bar in Soho, playing a mix of jazz, disco and house; in 2001 she secured a monthly residency via a Dorado Records night at The Glow Rooms in Camberwell, playing house; and during 2002 she held a Wednesday night residency at Colours Bar in Camden, playing a mixture of house and broken beats.

Currently, Katie can be found playing the warm-up set at Inspiration Information - Phil Asher and Patrick Forge's Friday night session at the Notting Hill Arts Club, London. She got that break after giving Phil Asher a copy of one of her house mix CDs. Phil was so impressed that in Jan 2002, he asked her to try out for the newly created Inspiration Information all-girl warm-up session Ladies First. Katie is a Ladies First resident.

Playing at Inspiration Information gives her the opportunity to play music from across the board and a chance to represent her tastes more fully, playing Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop, Broken Beat, Disco, Funk and House.

Other residencies have included: LadyBugz - the female DJ crew that support Bugz In the Attic; FlyGirl - an all girl DJ line up playing broken beats, Afro Latin house, US soulful Garage and hip hop; and, SoulSista - an all girl selection of DJs and musicians playing quality soulful music.

Katie is also the only female DJ to have played at the renowned “Co-Op, at Plastic People, delighting the discerning crowd with a blend of house and broken beats.

Guest appearances include: Faith, Need2Soul, The Montreaux Jazz Festival, Clandestino at The End/AKA, SoulHouse, The Remedy at Herbal and Creme at Bacchus.